02. December 2020 | CEO Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: How the CleanTech Pioneer Efficient Energy Is Transforming the Refrigeration Industry

Public interest in sustainable companies is constantly growing. Nevertheless, organisations with a 100% focus on sustainability are still rare. As a CleanTech pioneer in the refrigeration industry, we humbly consider ourselves to be one of the industry’s pioneers when it comes to sustainability. Efficient Energy operates and acts in a notoriously neglected industry sector, which has been driving global warming, consuming large amounts of energy and increasing the hole in the ozone layer for decades.

Until today that is! We are actively shaping the sustainable cooling of the future with the natural refrigerant water and our Bluezero® Technology. Together with other players in the natural refrigerant sector, we are driving sustainability in the industry.

While we usually deal with the transformation of the refrigeration industry and important future trends in our blog, this time we want to tell you a little about ourselves. In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes. Find out who we are, what we’re particularly good at and what we have planned for the future.

We Develop Disruptive Technologies

We have completely reinvented cooling. Our Bluezero® Technology differs fundamentally from all other approaches in the refrigeration industry by using water as an effective refrigerant. Bluezero® Technology stands for sustainable innovation in refrigeration. Many years of development work have made using water as a refrigerant possible. As a result, we offer a sustainable, CO2-neutral alternative to increasingly regulated and environmentally harmful refrigeration and technical cooling equipment.

Bluezero Technology Efficient Energy

As simple as it is ingenious, our Bluezero® Technology is based on the well-known concept of evaporation, compression, condensation and the expansion of water or steam in a closed circuit. The key here is to use the energy of the water to change phases in a vacuum between 12°C and 100°C. The technology has been successfully used in the eChiller product series for years.

The future is sustainable and the refrigeration industry is taking the fast lane into the future with us. Discover more about the tremendous transformation of the industry in this blog post.

We Invest in Continuous Innovation

Water as a refrigerant is a unique product. It inspired us to develop the eChiller, the world’s only mass-produced chiller using water as a natural refrigerant. We are convinced that much more is possible in combination with innovative refrigeration technology!

We want to improve performance, optimise our eChiller for even more use cases, boost efficiency and minimise costs. That is why we are constantly working on our technology. With this in mind, we warmly invite you to visit our new product generation eChiller120 page and get to know the big brother of the eChiller45 better.

We Are a Great Team

Would you rather trust the people behind the plan or the plan itself?

We’re a team that is passionate about what it does. We know what we know. But we also know what we as individuals do not know. That is why we’ve invested in building a strong team that perfectly complements each other to fill these gaps in our knowledge.

Whether in development, sales or finance, all our team members are highly qualified individuals who ambitiously strive to achieve our common goal: promoting sustainability in the refrigeration industry.

We Swim Against the Tide

We don’t take no for an answer. We don’t accept preformed opinions and like to think big. Terms like “unthinkable”, “impossible” and “without a chance” have really kindled our motivation to use water as a refrigerant and achieve drastic energy savings.

Against all odds, we have developed a technology that works beyond the possible. In doing so, we have created the basic prerequisites for transforming the refrigeration industry from being a driver of climate change to a pioneer of sustainability. Now it is up to us to push this vision forward – beyond the supposed realm of possibility!

From a driver of climate change to a sustainability pioneer? Learn more about the unique opportunities and challenges of the refrigeration industry in our free white paper.

We Benefit From a Decisive Advantage

Seldom has an industry been pushed to transformation by so many different factors simultaneously. Global decisions such as the Kigali Amendment, the shortage of synthetic refrigerants and new regulations such as the F-gas Regulation in Europe speak for themselves: the refrigeration industry must become sustainable and do so fast.

And there is only one way to get there: natural refrigerants. After all, in order to achieve the agreed targets, all technologies known to date must be replaced by clean refrigeration solutions. While Efficient Energy is being subsidised, our competition is being regulated. The world is serious about ending harmful cooling – to our advantage.

How Will the F-Gas Phase-Down Change the Refrigeration Industry?

Read how legislation is paving the way for our vision.

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Bleak Outlook for Our Competitors

Instead of continuing to determine how industries and entire cities can be cooled, our biggest competitors are now being regulated by legislation, governments, companies, customers and environmental authorities with new framework conditions.

Contaminated sites in the form of multi-million dollar investments in infrastructure and obsolete company acquisitions are a source of concern for companies, users and investors alike. The illegal trade of synthetic refrigerants could soon be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. 20-30% of current refrigerants are imported illegally and we all expect the dam to burst once the black market finally dries up. Once this happens, the use of natural refrigerants and clean cooling solutions will increase dramatically.

Desperate attempts to gain ground with new, environmentally harmful refrigerants – so-called low GWP – are countered by the F-gas phase-down. The final stage of the phase-down cannot be achieved with synthetic refrigerants. At this point it will be too late for real innovation, as technologies based on natural refrigerants are increasingly being divided among future players through patents.

We Believe that Sustainability Is a Win-Win for All

Win-Win with Technology from Efficient Energy

We are not only convinced that we can make a decisive contribution to the fight against climate change. We also know that this is more cost-effective for all parties involved than the solutions offered by the traditional players.

Our technology is well established and has been enabling energy-efficient cooling for years without damaging the climate or environment. It provides users with significantly lower maintenance and energy costs. It also helps politicians to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and to enable green deals.

It supports corporate customers in reducing CO2 emissions and refinancing in a financial world in which sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in company valuations. The “but” of cooling with natural refrigerants? We’ve not found it yet.

The technology has been developed, the vision is in place. Now it’s your turn! Do you share our vision? Feel free to contact our CEO Georg Dietrich directly!

We Are in a Market That is Growing in Our Favour

Our planet is getting hotter and hotter and we need more and more cooling. Fewer and fewer companies and their customers want to heat the planet further through cooling. So the market is growing predominantly, and increasingly, in favour of natural refrigerants.

The future market leader in a billion-dollar market – that’s no small goal, but it is an achievable one. The core technology for this is ready, our market share is growing daily, now it’s time to supply the market.

How far can we go? That also depends on you. Support us in promoting sustainability in the refrigeration industry.

Clean Cooling for everyone: clean – safe – scalable – economical!

In general, the demand for cooling is growing rapidly. Well-known customers are already focussing on sustainability, and new customers are constantly being added who want to expand their cooling systems with natural refrigerants.

The time is ripe for us to scale and continue to grow. The possibilities for this are many and varied and include:

  • Distribution partners: Distribution models with distribution partners already work smoothly and effectively. These must now be further expanded. The Efficient Energy team will continue to focus on key accounts.
  • OEM partnerships: The Bluezero® Technology can increasingly find its way into system & product solutions of OEM partners. As a result, partnerships are possible in the most diverse areas.
  • Service: Water as a refrigerant makes this possible. Regardless of the applicable standards, any trained service technician can be deployed to put our technology into operation. The F-gas certification for service technicians is no longer required.

Only at Efficient Energy: The Unique Refrigerant Water

Our product works with the most sustainable and cheapest refrigerant in the world: water. It was not easy developing a technology that works with ordinary tap water. But it was certainly worth it!

Water is available everywhere, almost free of charge, completely harmless, safe for humans and the environment and is in permanent compliance with the law. Users and service technicians do not need special training or certifications. Water as a refrigerant has so many benefits that we have dedicated a separate chapter to it in our free white paper about the transformation of the industry.

New growth opportunities in the refrigeration industry

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