25. September 2020 | CEO Spotlight

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Sustainable Refrigeration Technology Now

With climate change, digitalisation, globalisation and new technologies, the world is certainly undergoing change! Business values and companies are rapidly being replaced by ever new players and ideas. Where should I invest to have the greatest impact? This is a completely new question today.

Megatrends such as digitalisation and sustainability are reaping the benefits of this transformation and are becoming increasingly significant. Organisations that are committed to sustainability are booming and recording above-average value growth. Within just a few years, sustainable investing has gone from being a question of attitude to an intelligent, future-proof investment strategy.

Show time for the refrigeration industry! This is an absolute insider tip where innovative technology can achieve great things, and already does. CleanTech and natural refrigerants solve one of the greatest challenges of the future, namely the sustainable cooling of a massively overheated planet – and does so in the here and now.

In this blog post, you will learn why the investment opportunities in the refrigeration industry are unique and why there is no alternative to sustainable refrigeration technology using climate-friendly refrigerants.

In this blog post, you will learn why the investment opportunities in the refrigeration industry are unique and why there is no alternative to sustainable refrigeration technology using climate-friendly refrigerants.

1. The Tech Solution to Overcome a Growing Challenge

Hot August? Perhaps you will soon be talking about a hot March. Increasingly frequent heat waves and seasonal temperature rises are driving the demand for cooling across the globe.

By 2050, around 9.5 billion refrigerators are expected to be in use worldwide. The global market for liquid cooling in data centers alone is expected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2019 to $3.2 billion in 2024. The annual growth rate here is projected to be 22.6%.

Exploding global demand is leading to a dangerous cycle in energy consumption. If the refrigeration industry does not take big strides towards energy efficiency, the use of refrigeration and cooling will increase by a whopping 90% by 2050. According to a study by the University of Birmingham, the resulting emissions would correspond to a third of all current emissions.

The problem? All this goes beyond the scope of any sustainability goals and legal requirements. The solution: natural refrigerants and CleanTech present an innovative, contrasting approach to current technologies.

The refrigeration industry offers investors a unique window of opportunity.

Find out what makes the current situation so unique with these 8 points

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2. Sustainable Refrigeration Technology Exceeds All Expectations

Innovative refrigeration technology not only brings enormous energy savings; it also uses completely new processes and natural resources for cooling. Natural refrigerants are fundamentally different from conventional refrigerants. They are a real game changer. How so?

Natural refrigerants are the environmentally friendly refrigeration solution of the future. Water is even climate-neutral and not only complies with current legislation; it is also durable and fully compliant with the law. Water as a refrigerant guarantees sustainable cooling while being completely harmless and safe in every situation for the planet, humans and animals alike.

3. CleanTech Changes the Dynamics of the Refrigeration Market

Clean cooling is turning the refrigeration industry upside down with innovative technologies and natural refrigerants. The CleanTech sector has already proven to be disruptive in other areas. In the refrigeration industry, it has both legislation and a growing sustainability movement behind it, and thus the potential to break existing monopolies and to transform the market from the bottom up. This industry has recently undergone a globally mandated technological shift towards four environmentally friendly technologies that use natural refrigerants. As a result, the market for clean cooling with natural refrigerants is growing rapidly, while the market for synthetic refrigerants and conventional technologies is taking a nosedive.

How does legislation drive disruption in the refrigeration industry? Learn more in this blog post.

Some of the future technology stacks have already been secured by individual companies. They are not simply interested in making the refrigeration industry a little more sustainable and greener. Rather, clean cooling addresses the following big questions: Can we develop refrigeration technology that significantly improves the efficiency of a refrigerator and makes it cleaner than all other models on the market? Can we produce cooling using natural, renewable resources? Can we cool the world without harming the planet, people and animals?

Why Invest in Clean Cooling?

4. A Technology Beyond the Bounds of Possibility

CleanTech cooling with natural refrigerants is not only innovative, it is a truly unusual technological approach. The new players in the refrigeration industry have taken up the challenge to rethink the familiar.

Let’s take the example of water: Water as a refrigerant radically calls into question the previous laws and assumptions of the refrigeration industry on the subject of refrigerants. How so? R178, short for water as a refrigerant, works in the eChiller of the CleanTech company Efficient Energy with Bluezero technology, which previously had been deemed unfeasible by the entire industry.

Nevertheless, the innovative technology has already been successfully adapted and commercialised for various applications. As a result, applications and energy savings that were previously considered unthinkable are now possible in the refrigeration industry.

5. Unique Companies with Short Innovation Cycles

The refrigeration industry is still dominated by large, established players. The acquisition of synthetic refrigerant manufacturers by manufacturers of refrigeration systems as well as the advanced market consolidation is further promoting the sluggishness of the refrigeration sector. In addition, the technical know-how to successfully convert natural refrigerants into products is simply lacking and is hindering rapid innovation. Until today, that is.

Transformation predestined! All signs point to change in the refrigeration industry – find out more here.

Instead of continuing to determine how to cool industries and entire cities, the industry is now being increasingly regulated by legislation, companies, users and environmental authorities with new restraints. These are all pursuing the same goal, namely to make the refrigeration industry more sustainable.

The new protagonists for natural refrigerants are the ones that make this possible in the first place. They benefit from an R&D advantage spanning several years, much faster innovation cycles and freedom to ensure the consistent use of disruptive technologies. Their clean focus on intelligent refrigeration brings performance, cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency into harmony for the first time. The result? Highly innovative, sustainable refrigeration systems that exceed user expectations.

The investment opportunities in climate-friendly solutions are unique. The demand for cooling is growing, the market for clean cooling is growing exponentially and technological solutions are now available. Seldom has an industry been thrust into transformation by so many different factors simultaneously. All currently known technologies must and will be replaced by disruptive and sustainable cooling solutions.

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