12. January 2021 | CEO SpotlightProduct Insights

3 Ideas For Achieving Your Sustainability Goals in 2021

The United Nations is leading the way with perhaps the best-known sustainability targets, namely the Sustainable Development Goals. At first, it was primarily nations, NGOs and communities that set themselves sustainability goals. However, interest in sustainability is not only growing among the general public; many companies now understand that the issue deserves to be given genuine priority and thrives on proactive measures. In addition, donors and funding programmes are taking a company’s environmental footprint into account more than ever before.

Therefore, the principle is increasingly being reflected in successful companies and their customers. Goals may be defined, but company-wide sustainability targets can only be achieved with the ideas and commitment of management and all employees. Find out what measures you and your business can take to make a big difference and achieve your sustainability goals in 2021.

Sustainability goals


Consider the Entire Life Cycle

The first steps towards sustainability can be incorporated into everyday life. In fact, many employees implement sustainability quite unintentionally, such as in the procurement of office supplies or by switching to a green electricity provider. In many places, conventional light bulbs were replaced with LEDs years ago and there is now a vegetarian option in the canteen. Having a paperless office is on trend. Both consumers and businesses are already thinking a great deal about how they can optimise such obvious situations and processes within their company.

This is important and commendable – but the majority of greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change are related to the energy used in the product life cycle. In order to capture the actual environmental impact of a company, the entire life cycle of its products must be considered. In other words, everything that goes into making a product, including transporting it to the shelf or cooling the processes. The more resource-efficient the product life cycle, the more sustainable the company.

Achieve Comprehensive Sustainability with the Right Partners

Mere changes within a company itself are not enough to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Organisations that want to set and achieve meaningful corporate sustainability goals cannot ignore how their partners work and what they stand for.

By analysing partners and suppliers, it is possible to quickly identify where there is a high carbon footprint and where improvements can be made. This way, you can prevent severe repercussions on supply chains. This does not only apply to a company’s own ecological footprint. Only with the right partners can a company be sure that it is not contributing, even indirectly, to environmental degradation.

A Long-Term Quick Fix for Sustainability Goals

Especially for organisations in growing sectors, such as organic food, cooling with natural refrigerants is already part and parcel of their corporate identity. Climate-friendly cooling with natural refrigerants drastically reduces CO2 emissions, does not pollute the environment and is as safe as it is sustainable for users.

However, sustainable supply chains are not only relevant for companies that proactively communicate their use of environmentally friendly technologies to the outside world. The type of technology and resource used to generate electricity, heat and cooling have a significant impact on the corporate energy balance.

As a result, an increasing number of companies are using clean cooling, i.e. refrigeration with natural refrigerants, to achieve a better carbon footprint. Consequently, the number of entrepreneurs and users embracing these climate-neutral refrigerants is growing as they seek to achieve their sustainability goals and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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